While gaming is the primary use of a PlayStation Portable (also known as PSP), performing other activities such as Internet browsing or chatting can only be considered an advantage. Since Sony hasn’t thought of a messaging application for their devices, others did and that’s how PSP-Messenger saw the daylight.
This tool helps you install an instant messaging service on your Sony PSP, from where you can chat with friends as if you were using a computer. It’s available for some of the most popular messaging services out there: Yahoo, AOL, and MSN.
The most stringent disadvantage of the application is hands down, its installation process. This is not a common type of software, it does not feature an installer or an executable and for good reason too since PSP devices act differently from a computer.
If you follow the installation instructions to the letter, there’s no way you won’t be able to enjoy the messaging experience on your PSP. First off, unzip the download archive, plug in your device, open its memory stick (via My Computer), enter the folder named ‘PSP’, then the one named ‘Common’ and paste the contents of the unzipped folder here. Launch the PSP browser and type the following set of strings: File:/PSP/COMMON/PSPMSG/index.html.
At this point, you should be able to face a window that allows you to choose the messaging service and from here on, things get much simpler. You are now able to login to your account, and start chatting with your friends. On the downside, PSP Messenger also displays the ignored and blocked users from your messenger list, so they will be able to see you online anyway.
To sum it up, PSP Messenger offers a simple solution so that you can enjoy instant messaging on your gaming device. The slightly difficult installation process can be confusing for beginners, but it shouldn’t pose a problem for experienced users.

Download >>> https://tinurll.com/2m55ki

Download >>> https://tinurll.com/2m55ki

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PSP-Messenger is an instant messaging software for the Sony PSP device.
If you have installed the Messengers for PSP application on your PSP already, you might be interested in installing PSP Messenger instead.
PSP-Messenger supports most of the popular instant messengers on the market, including Yahoo!, AOL, and MSN.
Download Location:
Download PSP-Messenger for PSP-2000 (100.3 MB):
Alternative Download Locations for PSP-Messenger for PSP-2000:
After downloading the file from the above link, extract the archive. If you do not have WinRAR installed, you can do that by right-clicking the file and selecting ‘Extract Here’ from the pop-up menu.
Now, plug in your Sony PSP and open its memory stick via My Computer. Go to the folder ‘Common’ and paste the unzipped file in there. Then, open PSP browser on the memory stick and type in the following string to launch PSP-Messenger: File:/PSP/COMMON/PSPMSG/index.html.
You might get a security warning, but you’ll be able to continue with the installation process.
If you have done it right, you should be able to see the following interface:
Log into your Yahoo!, AOL, or MSN account and you should be able to chat with your friends already.
The application is available for free so you can use it for one month or for the entire lifetime. After that, the software will be open to the public.
If you are a Sony PSP owner, you are recommended to install PSP-Messenger on your Sony PSP. This application will allow you to chat with your friends, and even to record and send them a message if they are offline.
If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, make sure to leave them below.

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PSP-Messenger Crack With Full Keygen

PSP-Messenger allows you to chat with your buddies over MSN, Yahoo, and AOL in an easy and convenient way.
It supports two-way MSN, AOL, and Yahoo instant messages.
It is able to detect when you log off MSN, AOL, and Yahoo instant messaging, and automatically cancel the ongoing conversation.
The application is created for use with Sony’s PSP gaming platform. It will not work with other PSP devices.
The Sony PSP is an important gaming device and it is not limited to playing games only. It can be used as a powerful workstation as well. It features high quality graphics and excellent sound effects so that you can watch movies on the go. The system is very light, small and light in its use. It also allows you to perform other functions such as chatting, browsing Internet, playing music and watching movies, and you can also store your data on its built-in memory so that you can use it anywhere.


SurfLounge (Official Site)



SurfLounge is an Internet and network access program for Sony PSP with which you can access the Internet and the PSP system network and download free content and games for PSP. It is a universal program, and you can also use it on PlayStation 3 and other Sony consoles.
SurfLounge provides a simple and easy way to access the Internet and the system network and download free games for PSP and other related programs. You can play online games, watch videos, download music and other content. It also allows you to send and receive messages, and when you access the PSP system network, you can also send and receive messages.
Although the program is very user-friendly, some features are limited. You can enjoy surfing the Internet, chatting, and browsing the web for free, and you can play online games such as Bejeweled and Tetris, and you can download games, music, videos, and other content. But when you try to do some other tasks, such as uploading or receiving files, the program will ask you to buy an additional set of digital content. Some features that are missing include chatting with other users, sending and receiving e-mails, saving your data to the Memory Stick, and using the camera.
Unfortunately, because of limited memory and processing capability, there are some restrictions. You can use the program for a maximum of one month, after which you will have

What’s New In?

System Requirements For PSP-Messenger:

Windows 7 or newer.
Internet Explorer 11 or newer.
Minimum System Requirements:
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